MuseAI is a self-guided tour platform developed to provide an app with accessibility in different museums. It will provide full access to information about each artwork, including descriptions, historical facts, media (video/audio) with captions, audio descriptions and more.

Curator will have the ability to store and edit images, videos, transcripts and exhibition information through a web portal and provide access via a smartphone app.

Display Exhibition Information in Various Method

Communication (NFC)

Users tap their device on the tag mounted near the exhibit


Users manually enter the ID that is shown near the exhibit

Quick Response Code
(QR code)

Users hover their device over the barcode near the exhibit

“The Dyer Arts Center serves a specific audience of deaf and hard-of-hearing visitors. As the director of the center, I’m always looking for ways to deliver content to our patrons that are not limited to reading labels next to the artworks. This app allows us to create specific content that we think is valuable. With that, we can use American Sign Language, English, and voice-over to reach to as many of our visitors and provide options for their preference. Personally, I enjoy the ease of the app. Just press in a number and information about a specific artwork will show up and I can enjoy the content in my preferred language of American Sign Language. In addition, I appreciate the adaptability of the app for our low vision patrons.

The Dyer Arts Center will continue to use this app for our future exhibitions because we’ve seen how much our patrons enjoy using it and because it is a great way to educate our patrons in depth about the artwork or the artist on display.”

Dyer Arts Center, NTID Dyer Arts

Request an Accessible App Estimate

Then request to schedule a time either in person or via videoconference to discuss the feature list, what kind of services you need, timeframe, budget and so forth.

Go ahead and make an appointment to initiate the conversation on offering what kind of app you want accessible to all patrons within your organization, company or institute.